Lionsgate is currently interested in remaking the Bret Easton-Ellis novel “American Psycho.” For those who’ve seen the 2000 original that started Christian Bale, you might be wondering why. Well, your guess is as good as mine.

According to Variety, the project has not officially been greenlit, but the studio has hired Nobel Jones to adapt a new version of the film. This will be Jones’ first writing job, but she has worked on “The Social Network” as a second unit director. The film is also believed to be a low budget film.

“American Psycho” follows the story Patrick Bateman, a wealthy Manhattan investment banker who descends into madness each night embracing his homicidal manic split personality.

It makes absolutely no sense unless they plan on flipping it into a new franchise which would require a new lead. Namely anyone other than Christian Bale who has gone on to become a mega star and would probably have no interest reprising his role.