Former “LOST” Jorge Garcia has been cast in J.J. Abram’s new Fox drama “Alcatraz.” Former “LOST” writer Elizabeth Sarnoff will be the showrunner with J.J. Abrams as executive producer.

“Alcatraz” will star Jorge Garcia, as Dr. Diego Soto, a hippy geek and the world’s foremost expert on Alcratraz. The show will center on a team of FBI agents investigating the mystery surrounding a group of missing Alcatraz prisoners who broke out of thirty years ago. Just what we need, another drama about a mystery and an island.

The pilot is being directed by Danny Cannon (CSI), and the episode is expected to begin shooting in January in San Francisco and Vancouver. Where else right? Not like there’s another Alcatraz island somewhere else. And it only makes perfect sense to have Hugo, I mean Garcia, play an island expert…

Source: Deadline