The first half of Lucifer’s 5th season is currently one of the most popular streams on Netflix and the team is set to go back for the final five days of filming on September 24th after a long, COVID shutdown. The goal is to roll into the recently announced sixth and final season almost immediately after they finally wrap season 5.

The thing that might surprise fans, according to a new report from TVline is that the 16-episode fifth season will be followed up by a final season of only 10 episodes. This will bring the complete series run to 96 episodes.

As for when we’ll see season 6, or even the back-half of season 5, we aren’t sure. One thing we do know about the upcoming episodes of this season is that there will be a musical episode which many of the cast have described as one of their favorites to film of the entire series.

As long as they stick the landing, we don’t care how many episodes they make.