It was pretty big news when Mark Ruffalo signed on to replace Edward Norton as Bruce Banner in the upcoming ‘Avengers’ movie from Marvel. Now it looks like we’ve got some even better news about his role in the film. Not only will he be playing the mild mannered Banner, but he’ll be strapping on the purple pants himself to play The Hulk.

The good side of this is that we won’t have to sit through the god awful CGI Hulks that we’ve already been abused with for two films. The Dangerous bad side? Well, do you remember Michael Chiklis as The Thing in the Fantastic Four movies? SO will we be getting a motion cap ‘Avatar’ style performance, or will we be getting a clumsy oaf in a suit? Here’s what he has to say about it:

“I’m really excited. No one’s ever played the Hulk exactly, they’ve always done CGI. They’re going to do the Avatar stop-action, stop-motion capture. So I’ll actually play the Hulk. That’ll be fun. I really love the first TV version of it, the Bill Bixby one. I’m gonna shoot for that a little bit. He was an everyman in it. He’s always on the run and trying to find love. It’s really a sympathetic character, before he turns into the Hulk and fucks everything up. I hope I don’t bulge in anyone’s face, that’s all I have to say.”

Source: Perez