Mark Strong is no stranger to comic book movies, though he may wish that people would forget his last outing, the critical and box office flop, Green Lantern. In that movie, he played Sinestro and was set up to be the big bad for a sequel that was never meant to be. Now, the Kingsman actor might get a chance to finally spread his wings as a DC villain in the upcoming ‘Shazam’ film starring Zachary Levi.

While some fans are upset that it means we probably won’t be seeing a face off between Shazam and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam in the film, getting Mark Strong is no consolation prize. If he gets the part, he’ll be playing Doctor Sivana, a brilliant scientist from the comics who not only clashes with Shazam, but also poses a danger to his alter ego of Billy Batson, because he is the only one that has figured out they are one and the same. There’s no telling if the film will keep Sivana’s story the same or alter it, but we’ll probably start hearing more about the film at next year’s Comic Con, as the film is slated for a 2019 release.