Scientists working on information from the Kepler Space Telescope led by SETI’s Susan Thompson have now identified 20 worlds where it is possible for life as we know it to exist. While they all vary in size and climate, Jeff Coughlin of the NASA Ames Research Center thinks that the best one is probably KOI-7923.01.

In comparison to Earth, KOI-7923.01 07% the size of our planet and has just a slightly longer year (395 days). If there’s a downside to the planet, it would be the climate and geography. It’s definitely livable, but it’s not as comfy as Earth. Most researchers are describing it as Tundra planet.

On of the big factors that helps make these 20 planets possibly life rafts for Earthlings is that they all have suns that are similar to ours. KOI-7923.01’s sun is a little cooler and a little further away than our sun is to us. That’s why years are nearly 30 days longer. Some of the planets on the list have much quicker solar orbits, with the fastest of the bunch being just 18 days.

Source: Inhabitat