I still don’t really understand Marvel’s new continuity that’s set to hit stands after Secret Wars is done, but it looks like the person in charge of organizing the teams has been eating mushrooms.

I have a feeling that a lot of this will get retconned after a year or two like DC’s 52. Still, it looks like comic fans are in for a bumpy ride until then. Based on the new art that’s just been released, here’s the new line up of the X-Men:

Doctor Spectrum of the Great Society from Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers, Citizen V (Baron Zemo’s heroic alter-ego in the Thunderbolts), The Thing and Rocket Raccoon in matching Guardians of the Galaxy uniforms, a new look Karnak, Hyperion, Inferno, Iron Man, Medusa, Daredevil, X-23 as the new Wolverine, Star-Lord, an axe wielding Doctor Strange, and Old Man Logan.

Last I checked, most of these characters aren’t even mutants. My guess is that this is how Marvel is hoping to salvage the X-Men name while dumping the mutants that FOX has movie rights to (other than Logan and Thing that is).

Source: CBM