GeekChicDaily recently spoke to Image Comics founder and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane asking him about the progress for the independent “Spawn” movie that McFarlane has alluded to for many years now. Here’s what McFarlane had to say:

We had an Academy Award winning actor come up to the office the other day who’s interested being involved with it. He gave me his pitch on what he wanted to do with it and I sort of walked him through what I wanted to do. They could see that the guy who created it knows the audience better than they do. They know how it goes. They left even more interested then when they came. So they’re just waiting going “Todd, give me the script and let’s rock and roll.” He was saying the exact same thing as everyone else. “Get that damn script in my hand and let’s go.”

When asked whether he was still working on the script, McFarlane honestly admitted that he keeps “getting distracted with stuff.” And only has himself to blame for the delays as he’s left many waiting for the script hanging.

So far it doesn’t look good for a new “Spawn” film as the script’s still not complete and is being written only by McFarlane. Fans who’ve been holding out for a new “Spawn” film, it looks like you’ll be waiting some more. At this point, the film’s officially a vapor project.

Source: GCD

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