Sesame Street has never been known as the rich neighborhood. Hell, one of their main residents lives in a garbage can. At least Oscar has food… Unlike Lilly.

That’s right, Sesame Street is introducing the newest member of the show in a special about hunger this Sunday night. Her name is Lilly and she has been described as ‘Food Insecure’.

For now, the seven year old Muppet is only set to appear in the special and not in the regular series, but if she’s popular, that could probably change.

The hope is that by putting a felted face on hunger, children will be more able to talk about the issues of ‘food insecurity’ with their parents or friends.

Brad Paisley, who is also starring in the special had this to say:

“Food insecurity is a growing and difficult issue for adults to discuss, much less children,” said Brad and Kimberly Paisley in a joint statement. “We are honored that Sesame Street, with its long history of tackling difficult issues with sensitivity, caring and warmth asked us to be a part of this important project.”

I’m not even sure what to say about this thing, it looks like it might just be one of the most depressing episodes of Sesame Street since Mr Hooper died.

Source: THR