Megan Fox is not only pretty, but pretty smart. According to Empire she is signed on to star in not one comic book movie but two – Jonah Hex and Fathom. Who would have figured she’d be into comic book, or maybe she’s just interested in the attention and commanding box office numbers they constantly put up.

First up for Fox will be DC Comics’ Jonah Hex, a sci-fi Western where she’ll play Leila, the love interest to Josh Brolin’s bounty hunter. Jonah Hex will be directed by Jimmy Hayward and it will also feature John Malkovich as the villainous priest who tries to liberate the South by literally raising the dead.

Johan Hex will begin shooting in April.

Fox will then set her eyes on Aspen comics’ Fathom by the late Michael Turner. According to Empire, Turner is one of Fox’s favorite artists and holds this project near and dear. Currently Fathom is still in development and no word is confirmed regarding its release date.