Halloween weekend is usually a big hit for horror movies, but this week the movies were ruled by a friendlier ghost. Michael Jackson’s “This is It” moonwalked over the competition with $21 million. Prepare for the numbers to be huge when all is said and done. In foreign markets the movie has already brought in an additional $65 mil.

Dropping back to 2nd place is the hand held horror, “Paranormal activity,” which is proving to be the little horror flick that could this year. Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx limped in to 3rd this week with just over $7 mil.

1. Michael Jackson’s This Is It $21,300,000
2. Paranormal Activity $16,540,000
3. Law Abiding Citizen $7,303,000
4. Couples Retreat $6,097,000
5. Saw VI $5,560,000
6. Where the Wild Things Are $5,081,000
7. The Stepfather (2009) $3,400,000
8. Astro Boy $3,035,000
9. Amelia $3,000,000
10. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant $2,809,000