Halloween is upon us once again and that usually means two things. One, we finally get to dress up and cosplay as our favorite Jedi or Green Lantern and not be publically chastised and ridiculed. And two, we give ourselves an excuse to dig through our comic long boxes to compile a list of incredibly gorgeous fictitious women that both arouse and scare the hell out of us, much like women in real life. So without further delay, here are our top 10 horror comic book hotties along with some honorable mentions.

10). Silver Banshee (DC Comics)

There are not too many earthly super villains that can honestly go head-to-head with the Man of Steel, but leave it up to Silver Banshee to try. Even though Superman is susceptible to magic and a little prone to supernatural arts (DC has always been vague regarding what equals magic), which technically gives her the upper hand, she still gets owned every time. You’ve got to at least appreciate her determination. And with a wail that can reduce any mortal into dust, Silver Banshee is one chick that can literally talk your ear off. For that she remains on the bottom of our list.

9). Bethany Black (Strange Girl – Image Comics)

Bethany is your typical foul mouth girl next door who just happens to know some dark magic and is best friends with a demon. When she’s not too busy trying to find the one entrance back into Heaven… what? Oh, did I forget to mention that she lives in purgatory because the rapture occurred on earth and while everyone, including her family, ascended to Heaven she was left behind? Yup, just your average everyday normal girl next door.

8). Liz Sherman (Hellboy – Dark Horse Comics)

Liz tops our list primarily because she was portrayed by Selma Blair in the film adaption of “Hellboy,” so call us bias if we can’t differentiate the two. But aside from that, Liz makes the list because oh her awesome pyrokinetic abilities and the fact that she’s runs with the B.P.R.D. crew which hunts monsters and ancient ghouls. Her losing control of her pyrokinetic abilities at age eleven and destroying an entire city block, along with killing thirty-two people including her parents, brother and pet dog, however, was not awesome.

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