With the Internet turning 40 last Wednesday, a lot of us at YBMW started to reminisce about the old dial-up days of AOL, ICQ and Netscape navigator. Along with our nostalgia we began to wonder about how some of the more popular websites now looked like back in the days. Using the waybackmachine that archived dated websites, we took a peak and collected screenshots of some of our favorite sites that include: IGN, ESPN, EBAY, DELL, CNET, and the ever famous DIGG.

CNET (1996) – 33.6 KBPS modems, the wave of the future!

IGN (1998) – When Zelda was the hottest game for the N64.

NYTimes (1996) – This must be what Web 0.50 Beta looks like.

Match (2000) – Of course it’d be free. Who’d want to pay for this crap!?