The good news for Disney + is that the bar for making a good Muppets TV show has been greatly lowered by the crapfest ABC put out a couple of years ago. The new show is set to premiere on July 31st and it already feels a lot closer to The Muppet Show, or Muppets Tonight than other recent outings for the franchise.

As with any Muppet show, the guests are going to be a major part of the action and the first teaser Seth Rogen, Aubrey Plaza, Taye Diggs, Linda Cardelinni, and RuPaul. Other than that, we’ve got no idea and it looks like Disney wants it that way, at least for now. So, we will say as we said before ABC tried to kill the muppets, please don’t suck!

Classic Muppets, new unscripted mayhem. #MuppetsNow, an Original Series, is streaming July 31 only on #DisneyPlus