Yesterday, it was announced that Vanessa Hudgens would be taking on the lead role in the upcoming NBC sitcom set in the DC Comics universe, Powerless. Today, there’s been a new announcement that has fleshed out the cast to include Community’s Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk (Firefly/ Serenity, Conman, Star Wars Rogue One), and Christina Kirk (A-Z).

The new series, which is said to have a feel not unlike The Office, is based around “one of the worst insurance companies in America.” The new cast members will all be playing regular old humans, living in a world that is filled with super heroes and villains.

Pudi’s character, Teddy, is the best work friend of Hudgens’ character. According to reports, he spends his time as the office prankster, always trying to make the workday a little more bearable.

Alan Tudyk, is playing Del, the boss of the insurance office and the son of the company’s big boss. He is a “power-mad disastrous dictator of a boss and a rich, over-educated globetrotting wastrel.”

Christina Kirk isplaying Jackie, a super hero fangirl with a penchant for the big muscly heroes. She will be playing Del’s personal assistant, but will soon find herself “buckling under his unreasonable and impossible demands.”

Hudgens, who was announced yesterday is playing Emily Locke, “an insurance claims adjuster who loves her job because she gets to help people… [and] likes to fly under the radar and just get her work done. However, she finds herself increasingly exasperated by the disruptive antics of the various Super Heroes that proliferate in her city.”

It sounds like it could be pretty fun, but it also sounds like they might be trying a little too hard to be the next Office. We saw how well that worked out for the first half of the opening season of The Muppets.

Source: CBR