Amidst an announcement from Netflix today about 6 upcoming animated series including shows based off Captain Underpants, The toll Movie, and Boss Baby, the streaming network also let the world know that they are planning to bring She-Ra: Princess of Power back children in 2018.

Strong female led properties are very hot right now, so the fact that She-Ra is coming back isn’t really all that surprising. Heading up the show is Noelle Stevenson, who is best known for a comic book series called ‘The Lumberjanes.’ While we don’t really have any details on the show yet, we do know that it will definitely be a “modern take” on the 80’s icon.

A big question that many people have is where or not we’ll see her twin brother, He-Man, and whether this new show could be the foundation to spin out a new Masters of The Universe series.

“From Eisner Award-winning author and executive producer Noelle Stevenson (Lumberjanes, Nimona) comes a modern take on the ‘80s girl power icon for a new generation of young fans. The trailblazing property originally debuted in 1985 to satisfy overwhelming demand for a female lead fantasy series. With Stevenson’s unique voice at the helm, fans are in store for an epic and timely tale that celebrates female friendship and empowerment, lead by a warrior princess tailor made for today. The series will be available to Netflix members worldwide in 2018.”