Each episode of the second half of the the new season of The Walking Dead on AMC seems to have more action and drama than the last 10 episodes combined. In the next episode, “Judge, Jury, Executioner” the survivors have to deal with the fallout of Rick’s decision to hold off on killing their prisoner. From the clip below, it looks like Carl decides to go off on his own little adventure with a gun. Check out the clip from this Sunday’s episode to see how he reacts when he comes face to face with a walker while out in the forest by himself.

One thought on “New Clip From This Week’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Pits Carl Against “The Mud Walker””

  1. Episode 11: “Judge, Jury, Executioner”

    Episode starts with Daryl beating the shit out of Randall in a shed. Randall reveals that their group has about 30 people, including women and children, and that he doesn’t know where they’re staying since they’re always on the move. He also says that they’re heavily armed and tells a story about how they once found a guy with two young daughters while out scavenging and proceeded to rape the girls, letting their father live so he could watch. Daryl beats him even harder. Cue theme music.

    Daryl leaves the shed and reveals to the others what he found out. Based on that knowledge, Rick decides that they must kill Randall. Only Dale argues against it and asks Rick for one day to talk to everybody and convince them to let Randall live. He gets no support from Daryl, Hershel, Shane or even Glenn. Then there’s this big discussion about whether to go through with it. Dale vehemently objects, telling everyone that this is murder and means forever giving up hope for a civilized society. In the end, only Andrea sides with Dale. Majority rules, so Randall is to be executed.

    There’s also a moment between Hershel and Glenn at one point where the old man gives Glenn his father’s watch along with his blessing to Glenn’s relationship with his daughter.

    Meanwhile, Carl sneaks into the shed to look at Randall who begs Carl to help him escape. Shane finds Carl there and drags him out, telling him to stop trying to get himself killed. Carl then immediately goes and calls Carol an idiot for believing that Sophia is in heaven. Rick asks him to apologize and start thinking before opening his mouth. Carl then steals Daryl’s gun, finds a walker stuck in a swamp and tries to shoot it. Before he can do that, the walker breaks free and attempts to grab Carl, who freaks out and runs away.

    At nightfall, Rick takes Randall to the barn and prepares to shoot him, but Carl comes in to watch. Rick can’t kill Randall in front of his son, so he decides to hold Randall in custody for now. Near the woods, Dale finds a mutilated cow and is attacked by the same walker from before, who freed itself from the swamp to follow Carl. Dale doesn’t get bit, but the walker tears open his guts before it’s killed by Daryl. Dale’s wounds are too grave and Daryl performs a mercy killing by shooting him in the head. End episode.

    Next episode: Shane snaps. He gets stabbed by Rick then comes back to life, only to be shot by Carl.

    Suffice it to say that they leave the farm behind for good halfway through the season finale. There will be some more casualties, rest assured.

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