New details have emerged regarding the plot details for the next chapter in Disney/Pixar’s “Toy Story.” But before you get too excited, we’re not talking about another full-length film, but rather an animated short based on Barbie and Ken that’s expected to be attached to “Cars 2.”

The new information comes to us from Random House/Disney’s new book called “Play-cation,” which reveals some story information on the short. Here’s the synopsis:

Bonnie is off to Hawaii, and Barbie and Ken are excited to go along on their first tropical vacation! But when they’re accidentally left behind, it’s up to Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the toys to create a Hawaiian paradise right in Bonnie’s room.

Based on the latest animated short featuring the toys from Disney/Pixar Toy Story, this full-color storybook includes punch-out postcards that girls and boys ages 3-7 will love sending to their friends!

This should be a great bonus and gives those who aren’t as enthusiastic about another “Cars” sequel to perhaps feel otherwise.

Source: Pixar Blog