Star Wars Rebels season 1 was great, and season two gets under way in just a few days. Now, a new three minute trailer is out and there is a ton of new information to be gleaned. Here’s the new info:

– Ezra’s parents are alive and on the run
– Sabine is being hunted by bounty hunters who also happen to be her family
– The new Inquisitors (called “red swords”) are kidnapping force sensitive children
– The Crew of the Ghost is getting a major ship upgrade
– Darth Vader knows that Ahsoka lives!

Wow! Star Wars Rebels’s new teaser went up on Tumblr this morning and boy does it say it a lot about the characters this season. You almost need a spoiler warning for this one. It really rocks.

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 is set to return television October 14 on Disney XD.

Source: Makingstarwars