Look, I know that Arrow, Flash, and now Supergirl are nothing but soap operas with capes, but they are a lot of fun and each new trailer they show for the upcoming DC Legends of Tomorrow looks even better. Not only is it packed with heroes and villains like White Canary, Firestorm Captain Cold, ATOM, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl, but it’s got Arthur Darvil as Rip Hunter. This is just awesome at this point.

As far as I’m concerned, DC has done a much better job so far on building their TV universe compared to building their film universe.

Here’s the cast breakdown for the new series:
– White Canary, aka the resurrected Sara Lance: Caity Lotz
– Firestorm: Victor Garber and Franz Drameh
– Ray Palmer/ATOM: Brandon Routh
– Hawkgirl: Ciara Renee
– Hawkman: Falk Hentschel
– Captain Cold: Wentworth Miller:
– Heat Wave: Dominic Purcell
– Rip Hunter: Arthur Darvill

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow debuts on January 21.