Can’t say I’m totally shocked, but news broke today that Mary Jane “You just hit the jackpot, Tiger” Watson will not be in Marc Webb’ upcoming “Spider-Man 3D” reboot. Yes, you read that right. Spider-Man’s red headed flame will not be in the new upcoming “Spider-Man” reboot… at all.

This will without a doubt makes Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s sole love interest (for at least in one movie that is). According to The Wrap who broke the news, “the character is not currently featured in James Vanderbilt’s (Zodiac) screenplay, and apparently never was.”

Personally, we’re not too worried about this news as it’ll allow the story to focus more on Peter and Gwen’s relationship. According to Marvel mythos, Gwen was always Peter’s first love while MJ was his true love who came later in life. It seems as if this reboot will focus more on the original story of Spider-Man rather than the mix mash mess that was of the original “Spider-Man” trilogy. While this may end up confusing the casual fans, for comic book fans this is a blessing in disguise. Thank you Marc Webb!

“Spider-Man 3D” will begin production next month and is currently set to hit theaters on July 3, 2012.

Source: The Wrap