“High School Musical” teen heartthrob Zac Efron is rumored to have been offered the lead role in “Akira,” the upcoming live-action adaptation of the popular manga series created by Katsushiro Otomo.

This is a rumor at best, however, I think he would be a great cast as the lead role and motorcycle gang leader Shotaro Kaneda. Perhaps even a better cast than the previously and rumored Leonardo DiCaprio who, let’s face it, is getting up in age and the role of Kaneda is about a young adult-teen (DiCaprio has actually also spoken out how he will not star in it).

Albert Hughes (The Book of Eli) is currently attached to direct with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way set to produce.

If Efron lands the role of Kaneda, he would opposite “Inception” star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who has been rumored to star as Tetsuo, Kaneda’s best friend who develops psychic powers and become destructive with his new found ability.

Source: Slash Films

2 thoughts on “Zac Efron Rumored For Live-Action ‘Akira’ Adaptation”

  1. Well thats another loved and classic anime killed by the American obsession to put a ‘popular actor’ in the roles of films they are obviously not right for.

  2. I’m not sure who I would pick for Kaneda… though I guess he’s a better than Michael Cera or that Fred kid they want for Runaways…

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