The writing was pretty much on the wall for NBC’s “The Cape.” When the network refuses to air the season finale anywhere but the internet… that’s a pretty good indicator. Personally, I knew it wasn’t going to last when I saw the chess piece contact lenses that the bad guy “Chess” was sporting. That was just ridiculous.

Newer news is that ABC’s “No Ordinary Family” is meeting a pretty ordinary fate for genre shows on network TV. It is canceled. This is another one that you could tell from the very beginning. I remember back at Comic Con last year. There was so much promotion for the show that you could just tell it wasn’t going to be good. It’s kind of like when some ass hat in a sports car cuts you off on the road and then speeds off. You know he’s just overcompensating for something else in his life that isn’t up to par.

Anyways, it looks like the cast already saw the writing on the wall. Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz already have new pilots set for the fall season.

It’s kind of a bummer to see so many super hero shows bite the dust… but they did kind of suck. I wonder if “Wonder Woman” will be any better?

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6 thoughts on “‘No Ordinary Family’ and ‘The Cape’ Officially Canceled”

  1. So this is what passes for an article and review on here, sad. Never saw The Cape, but was a fan from day one of NOF.
    Hoob you say they promoted the show so much you figured it wouldn’t be any good, wow, a tv show gets heavily promoted to stir interest, not sure if you’ve ever taken a marketing course, but if you don’t push it, it doesn’t get exposure.
    Chiklis and Benz have also stated,if you did a little research, that both are NOF first if its renewed and their pilots will be put on hold or they’d be replaced in said pilots.
    I hope it does get renewed, found it entertaining, if not the fans of NOF will have to move on.
    Biggest problem I have with your article is you state NOF is cancelled. No official statement has been made by ABC, NOF is still on their website. Somewhere between May 16-20th is when they are supposedly to announce their fall lineups.
    Check into what your talking about before posting like you have first hand knowledge.
    Oh I bet Wonder Woman does 2 seasons for they’ll have every 13-18 old boy glued to her spandex.

    1. I agree with Joglen! I thoroughly enjoyed NOF watching it with the whole family – no swearing, no rude bits, which is very rarely found on the tv these days! Usually these programmes are cancelled because the public want more sex and swearing on tv! What a shame, I do hope NOF gets renewed!!!

  2. Not to defend Hoob but, I gave both NOF and The Cape a chance. But in the end, I could barely stomach NOF and dropped it after two episodes, whereas I watched all 10 episodes of The Cape.

    BTW, NBC didn’t even pick up Wonder Woman after all the hype.

  3. Joglen, I’m all for any show that keeps Julie Benz in front of a camera. The fact is, the show just wasn’t very good. I wanted it to be. I’m a fan of Benz, Chiklis and Josh Stewart going back a long ways and you never want to see actors that you like lose a job.

    The post that you are responding to today was written back in March.

    The ABC Up Fronts are scheduled for:
    Tuesday, May 17, 4:00 PM.

    Should NOF appear in the fall line up, I’ll be one of the first people to post the news.

  4. I watched “The Cape” and NOF and I saw all of the episodes of NOF and can’t WAIT TO SEE MORE! I hear they cancelled the Cape and No Ordinary Family. I hope they will be back. They held my interest a long time! That’s saying alot. I enjoyed the cape and how it held you in suspense with his secret. Especially from his son. And the Family was written so well. There was alot of amagination in the writing of this show. Awesome!

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