C2E2 was this past weekend and one of the hottest topics was ‘The Walking Dead’. Let’s dive right in and see what we learned about what is coming up in season 2.

Jon Bernthal (Shane) had this to say about his character:

“Shane screwed up pretty big at the end of the season. We’re gonna see a guy who is really, really lonely. It’s a different kind of loneliness. He’s with the people he loves and he can’t be with them the way he wants to. You will see the worst of him and the best of him in season two.”

He also went on to say:
“In this season, you’re going to see that these people are a lot more dangerous to each other than the zombies are.”

Laurie Holden also had some information on what direction her character, Andrea, is heading next season.

“The only reason Andrea left the CDC is because she didn’t want Dale’s blood on her hands. She has lost everything and has no love in her life and there will be a lot of resentment towards Dale in season two. Andrea will get stronger and find her feet. In the graphic novel she emerges as a warrior, so I’m excited for that. She may be a bit of a lone wolf in season two, just trying to find her feet.”

The biggest news she let slip was that Horror Icon,
The actress Laurie Holden (Silent Hill) who plays Andrea on the AMC series, said at C2E2 today Stephen King is in talks to write an episode for season two of The Walking Dead TV show!

Other bits of info that came out include:

– filming will begin on June 1st.
– We are definitely getting 13 episodes.
– Rick Grimes will not die.
– It is not definite yet if Lori is pregnant.

And one final piece of news that I just hope with all the tiger blood in the world isn’t true.

– Charlie Sheen has approached the production team about getting involved in at least one episode of season 2. That doesn’t feel like winning to me.

Source: screenrant