Justice League has been out for a little over 2 weeks now and it has raked in $485,007,541 according to Box Office Mojo. While that seems like a hell of a lot of money, there are many in the industry who are looking at the earnings as a failure, with several people estimating that JL will end up costing Warner Bros $100 million in losses.

Many fans think that the reason the movie is doing below expectations is because of the changes made by Joss Whedon. To that end, there has been a large online campaign designed to convince (bully) WB into releasing a finished Zack Snyder cut of the film that may or may not even exist. However, if you are one of the fans who signed this petition, it seems like the actions of others may have just cost you the super slim chance you had at getting your way.

According to reports from several outlets, there are a lot of people getting emails, thanking them for signing the petition even though they never did. It seems that some overzealous fans have been signing it multiple times under every name and email address that they can get a hold of.

So, just to recap, the studio is probably going to lose $100 million on this film. To make the mythical cut that some fans are begging for would cost several millions in post-production work. And, just to top it off, fans are using so many fake email addresses in the petition that it makes it even harder for Warner Bros to take it seriously. Yeah. It’s not gonna happen.