If you were at WonderCon Last weekend, you might have noticed a car outside with the Twitter Name #Chromeleaks on on it. If you just walked by and didn’t think twice, you missed out on the viral campaign for Disney/Pixar’s ‘Cars 2’.

If you go to that twitter account, you’ll get a link to a video for a used car lot called “Cars n Deals” featuring Stu Stuman from Emeryville California. Watch closely, there’s a lot more going on in the commercial than just bad selling.

I’m hoping this viral actually goes somewhere. I’d love to know who that disappearing spy is!

Here’s the clip that’s revealed when you call the phone number in the video, or when you pause the video near the end during the static. It’s a great scene featuring Michael Cain’s Finn McMissile character in a life or death race.

Source: Slashfilm