I’ll be honest, I’m not sure who Diora Baird is, but the folks over at CHUD have been following her Twitter tweets and noticed that she’s been tweeting about auditioning for a role alongside Chris Hemsworth who has already been cast to play Thor.

After looking her up, Baird has apparently been in several films such as the new “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning,” and “Wedding Crashers.” In her tweet she mentioned her character as “pretty but sturdy with muscle.”

What role will Diora land? No one knows for sure and it’s too soon to tell. We can of course rule out Jane Foster, especially since Natalie Portman has already claimed to the role. Meanwhile, Empire Online have theorized that she will most likely just be background eye candy in Marvel’s upcoming adaptation and with a very small chance of even playing the villian Lady Sif — an “amazon-proportioned temptress who puts a siren-spell on Thor in one memorable plot strand from Walt Simonson’s run.”

Of course, Loki has already been cast as the principal villain so only time will tell. Personally, if you ask us at YBMW, we think it’s Valkyrie, Thor’s “other” love interest.

Hopefully director Kenneth Branagh will find Baird a role. Because really, who want to look at a bunch of hairy Norse gods anyway.

Source: Empire