Our good friends over at Zombies and Toys scored a great exclusive with Atomfreak studios about their new PVC line, Pocket Zombies.

These new delightful zombie figurines look awesome and are cute enough that they will attract a lot of the same people who love Lenore, and Teddy Scares will go crazy for them. check out this excerpt from the story and then hop over to Zombies and Toys to read the rest and see some more pics. Then, get your butt back over here and check out all the other new stories we’ve got today.

“The adventure started two years ago,” states Alex. “I was looking to start my own project but finding the right idea was not easy.” The “right idea” was the result of introducing Alex’s seven-year-old son to one of his favorite movies, George Romero’s Day of the Dead.

“My son told me the monster [on the cover] looks funny and scary at the same time.” Of course, the “monster” Alex’s son was referring to was everyone’s favorite zombie, Bub! Alex was asked by his son if he could draw a funny zombie that would not scare him. “And that was it, BANG!”