Lost fans are grasping at straws right now with nothing to do but punch numbers into a computer ever so often until 2010 when Season 6 rears its smoke monstery head. So, like any good conspiracy theorist, they’ve gone looking for clues to next season outside the show. Here’s the funny thing. They may have actually found something.

One of the new promos for ABC’s fall schedule features Dominic Monaghan, Courtney Cox, Ed Oneill and Patrick Dempsy playing Foosball. Amidst the smack talk, McDreamy says to Monagahan “You are so dead,” to which he replies, “Actually, I was.”

Does this mean Dominic’s character, Charlie is coming back next year? A lost spokesman says no comment, but come on… why would he be in the commercials if he wasn’t going to be in the show?

Jack and Hurley are also getting in on the promo action, but there commercials are more funny and less spoilery.