It’s still weird to think of The Predator as a Disney Princess, but that’s what happened when Disney bought FOX. It also meant that the comic book would be moving from Dark Horse to Marvel. Now, as the comic company prepares to launch a new Predator book headed up by writer Ed Brisson (Ghost Rider) and artist Kev Walker (Dr. Strange), they are getting the word out with a series of 20 variant covers that pit the galaxy’s greatest big game hunter against Daredevil, The Avengers, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, The Mighty Thor, Miles Morales, Ms Marvel, The Defenders, Captain Marvel, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, and Captain America,

The covers are cool, but we’re hoping we’ll eventually get to see some actual fights. I’ve still got Predator vs Batman and that was an excellent mini-series from DC/Darkhorse. Now that Marvel has the IP, they may as well put their heroes to the test up against it.