From the creator of “Wanted’ and “Kick-Ass,” Mark Miller and Steve McNiven’s ultra violent anti-superhero comic book series “Nemesis” has been optioned by 20th Century Fox, with Tony Scott (Top Gun, True Romance) onboard to direct.

Published by the Icon Comics imprint of Marvel Comics, “Nemesis” is a cross between “Wanted” and “Kick-ass,” and asks, “What if Batman were a supervillain?” Millar and McNiven explores the completely sadistic and violent side of what it means to be a successful psychopathic super villain. It follows Matt Anderson, a billionaire genius who’s the world’s greatest fighter and hell bent on avenging the death of his beloved parents. Expect action, humor and a lot of blinding unadulterated violence.

Meanwhile, Scott Free is set to write and work on the adaptation.

Excitement should be tempered however as the project is still in rather early stages. We’ll have more as it develops.