Yesterday the Associated Press reported that an Australian based production company, Sherlock Symington Productions acquired the rights to “The Phantom.” What’s more, they are planning on making a new movie about the purple clad crime fighter. The only thing that hasn’t been decided is whether it will be a sequel of Billy Zane’s performance or a complete Reboot of the Franchise.

The folks over at Dark Horizons however seem to have cracked the case when they sat down to chat with Tim Boyle about his new script: “The Phantom: Legacy.” According to Boyle the film will be a reboot, not a sequel.

Boyle went on to say: “The film will focus on the “father / son relationship, and what it means to be the Phantom/ It will be set in the present day and will deal with the concept of destiny. There are two main villains in this – one from the comic, the other an original but as to which ones they can’t be disclosed for now. The Phantom himself and Diana Walker will be in it of course, “oh and their kids…”

It also looks like the Purple leotard will be gone as well.
“Like Batman Begins, where he takes a high tech spelunking suit and turns it into the basis of his costume – we’re looking at making it a real world costume. Think of what Bryan Singer did with the blue and yellow Wolverine costume – that’s what we have to do. Make it accessible to the public without annoying the fans too much.”