Alan Moore’s Classic graphic novel is going through a bit of a resurgence. Sure, there was the Zack Snyder film, but most people agree that it was kind of a mess (Though I hear that the Director’s Cut is actually much better)’. Then we’ve got the fact that The Watchmen are about to become full-time members of the DC Comics universe, meaning that they’ll soon be interacting with the likes of Batman and Superman. Finally, it Watchmen will be coming back to film in not one, but two forms.

It seems that DC have been given the green light for an animated movie series of Watchmen, expect it to be an R-rated adaptation of the comics. And that’s not all. Lost’s Damon Lindelof is in talks with HBO to create a new TV series based on the comic for HBO. While the live action show is probably going to head off in new directions, not unlike season 2 of AMC’s The Preacher, the animated film is being set up to give a faithful retelling of the source material.

Sadly, there is one thing that the animated film will most likely be missing. That’s the blessing of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Both have expressed displeasure about the Snyder film and have asked DC to let the story stand on it’s own and remain untouched. And, while they may have their own wishes for the characters that they lovingly created, they don’t actually own them. That means that 2018 is looking like it could be the Year of The Watchmen. Let’s just hope for DC and Warner Bros that they won’t be left asking, “Who watches the Watchmen?”