Our money is still on Disney shelving New Mutants completely or at least burying it deep in the back of the Hulu archive, but the studio insists that the film is going to come out. However, a new report from Fandomwire is leading people to believe that it might not even be recognizable as a Marvel/ X-Men family film when/ if it hits any sort of screen.

In the report, they are saying that Disney and Marvel Studios have removed all references and ties to previous X-men films, or even any real connections to Marvel mutants. The goal of the changes is to give Kevin Feige the chance to bring characters into the MCU without the anchor of a horrible movie dragging around their neck. As of right now, the main characters of the films are teens with powers, but they don’t know anything about mutants, nor have they ever heard of the X-Men. Here’s what Fandomwire reported:

“The story is set within a secret facility that experiments on mutants and the main character (Blu Hunt’s Danielle Moonstar) doesn’t know she is a mutant or the meaning of the word (mutant). Moonstar is brought to the facility after an attack by Demon Bear.”

Rumor had it that Mister Sinister was set to appear in an end-credit scene, portrayed by Jon Hamm, and that his Essex Corporation was set to play a role in the film. We’ve got a feeling all of that will be scrubbed. After all, if you have the chance to get Jon Hamm in as Mister Sinister, why would you waste him on a franchise that you are about to reboot?