It is always tragic when someone meets their end in an untimely fashion, but when it happens like this, we can’t help but yell “WTF!” and need to know what went down.

Of all the things that may try to kill you on a daily basis in Australia, your own pet rooster isn’t probably all that high on the threat-assessment list. Yet, that is how one elderly woman met her end. According to reports, the woman was collecting eggs from the chicken coop in her garden, when the rooster punctured a varicose vein in her leg.

While she apparently suffered several other injuries, it was the peck to her leg that caused her to bleed to death. In the wake of the incident, the Australian government is posting warnings about the dangers of raising chickens.

If there is a silver lining to the incident, it is that more people are talking about the dangers of untreated varicose veins. Here’s what Professor Roger Byard said:

“Most importantly I’m trying to get to elderly people have varicose veins treated with a simple operation because they are especially vulnerable to being broken. We have done studies that show people have just been around their homes and bled to death by knocking their leg and the vein on something.”

SOurce: Mirror