What happens when you’re The Birds of Prey, a lot of sexy female superheroes, and you’re trapped on stage in a nightclub full of gangsters and an Amnesia-Stricken Batman? You break out into song and dance about racy bedroom details of your fellow superhero colleagues of course! Ouch, poor Aquaman. Whatever happened to never kissing and telling?

In light of the whole Katy Perry/Sesame Street controversy, this risque number was recently featured in this past weekend’s “Brave and the Bold” episode, “The Mask of Matches Malone.” While it’s common for kid shows to feature some racy material, the references made in the BoP song was rather obvious if not a bit suggestive. Can we say TMI (too much information)? I’m sure adults fans got a kick out it (I know I did) while parents of small children probably nervously squirmed throughout the entire sequence.