Rob Liefeld has done a lot more than create characters like Deadpool and X_Force. He’s created nearly 100 other characters for nine different titles that have mostly been released via Image Comics. Along with their big muscles, tiny waists, and impossible boobs, his characters are famous for one main thing. Rob Liefeld can’t draw feet! Honestly, he’s not that great at hands either.

Now that his Deadpool has become the highest grossing mutant film to come out from Marvel, you can bet that studios have been lining up for any opportunity to make a movie that can be marketed as “from the creator of Deadpool.”

The deal that he’s now landed on will be his own shared cinematic universe that could include any of his 100+ creations. The deal was struck with Graham King and Fundamental Films and includes (to name a few) Bloodstrike, Brigade, Lethal, Re‐Gex, Cybrid, Bloodwulf, Battlestone, Kaboom, and Nitro‐Gen. They’ll be working with Akiva Goldsman to develop the films with an eye towards turning them into a franchise.

About the deal, Liefeld had this to say:

“Over the past nearly 25 years, since launching Image Comics, I’ve been lucky enough to see the power of these stories and characters as they’ve resonated with several generations of comic book fans. To now be able to work with Akiva Goldsman and Graham King, who are powerhouses in their own right, to bring these compelling characters and conflicts to life on the big screen is nothing short of a dream come true!”

SOurce: Collider