For those who either missed out or don’t watch CBS’ The Big Bang Theory (Season 2, episode 8), a twist to the classic “Rock Paper Scissors” game was hilariously geekified through the expansion and inclusion of a “lizard” and Star Trek’s old-pointy-eared one, “Spock.”

Befittingly retitled, “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock,” below is a promo clip from the show and its rules for your viewing pleasure:

-Scissors cut paper.
-Paper covers rock.
-Rock crushes lizard.
-Lizard poisons Spock.
-Spock smashes scissors.
-Scissors decapitate lizard.
-Lizard eats paper.
-Paper disproves Spock.
-Spock vaporizes rock.
-Rock crushes scissors.

Also, for those who watched the show but didn’t stick around till the end of the credits, there was a special “apology” letter written by the writers of the show to George Lucas, as well as a big PS: “FU” to Shatner, for his part in the garbage-horse-piss that is of Star Trek 5.