Remember that first teaser look of Ryan Reynolds in costume that we wrote about last week? Well according to IGN, it’s fake…

Warner Bros. has come out to say that not only was it not a banner for the film, and that there isn’t even a banner made for the movie yet. There’s nothing on the studio lot for it, either.

If you ask us, we believe the banner is official and not just a straight fanboy hoax. We also think it is definitely something from the Green Lantern movie property, but not the movie itself. Does it make it any less official as Warner Bros. and IGN are claiming? Well, I suppose that’s up to the fans to decide. In the meantime, it is our best look (speculation) of how Reynolds will look as Hal Jordan, the greatest Green Lantern ever.

“Green Lantern” is currently shooting in New Orleans and isn’t expected to hit theaters until summer of 2011.