It’s a pretty good bet that HBO Max, Warner Bros new streaming service, is probably going to swallow the DC Universe streaming network when it launches. If you needed any evidence, other than the fact that they’ve already stated it will start running some of the DC Universe programs like Doom Patrol, this might be it.

Some sources are reporting that the HBO Max network is now developing a live-action series based on the Green Lantern Corps. The rumored series will center around Kyle Rayner and is being developed by DC’s CW architect, Greg Berlanti. As to why the show isn’t being developed for the CW’s Arrowverse, especially since they are about to lose the Arrow after this season, they say it is because the CW would not be able to do the show justice.

If this is true, it would fit in with the recent official announcement that Berlanti will be creating content for HBO Max.

As to what is going on with the rest of the Corp, some rumors have a Hal Jordan film being set for development by JJ Abrams, and John Stewart getting introduced into the Arrowverse in the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, possibly as John Diggle’s father, who happens to be named John Stewart. If they end up making Diggle a Lantern, it would give him a good exit from Arrow with a chance to carry on in the show’s universe, possibly through Supergirl or his own spin-off.