Let me begin by saying this is a rumor. However, if the rumors happen to be true, then they’d be a major plot spoiler for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming “The Dark Knight Rises.” The spoiler/rumor comes to us from the magical land of the internet and questionable online sources, but it’s too good not to at least hear them out. If you’re one of those individuals who hate being spoiled, stop reading right now, otherwise process with caution.

The information comes to us from badassdigest and reveals Catwoman’s role in the film along with who the new villain will be:

“I just talked to a good source near the Batcamp and have come away with information about The Dark Knight Rises that confirms lots of speculation from recent months.

Here goes nothing:

As she herself confirmed, Anne Hathaway will be Catwoman in the movie. I can’t tell you what role she has in the beginning, but by the end of the story Catwoman isn’t a villain but rather an ally of Batman. And who are they teaming up to take out?

The League of Shadows.

Headed by Talia Al’Ghul. With Bane, who is her muscle/possible love interest. And with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in tow. Is he playing Black Mask? My source didn’t know, but did know that Levitt is certainly an antagonist and involved with the League of Shadows.”

Again, this is just a rumor so tread lightly. All will be revealed on July 20th 2012 when “The Dark Knight Rises” drops into theaters for the final time.