Ryan Reynolds has just signed on for the lead role in the psychological thriller, Queen Of The Night with Atom Egoyan as Director. In the film, the Green Lantern Star plays a father who begins to discover clues about the disappearance of his daughter, eight years earlier. What follows is a dark journey that makes him believe she’s still alive and inspires him to find her.

Atom Egoyan’s most recent film is the drama about the West Memphis 3 called ‘Devil’s Knot’, starring Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth.

Reynolds has just recently wrapped R.I.P.D. and is unofficially set to take up the mantle of Connor McCloud in the Highlander Reboot. Fans are also still hoping that he’s attached to the Rob Liefeld approved Deadpool film that will hopefully scrub the portrayal of Deadpool in the Wolverine film from our minds and our broken hearts.

Source: Deadline