Fans who attended the “Thor” and “Captain America: The First Avenger” in the massive Hall H caught the first glimpse of Chris Evans in costume as Captain America and much more!

The panel opened with Kevin Feige, the head of production at Marvel Studioes introduced a quick video from a costume test Evans had done which started out with some W.W.II background and then the teasing of Evans in costume as Captain America but shadowed out.

The audience goes nuts.

Captain America then turns slightly as the camera zooms up and we get to see the costume and his face.

The audience is now unable to contain themselves.

But the tease gets better! It ends with Captain America throwing his shield straight into the camera.

By now the crowd is near rioting from sheer joy and excitement.

Director Joe Johnston was then introduced as well as Captain America himself Chris Evans and the Red Skull, Hugo Weaving.

All the panelists keeps mentioning how filming had begun only five days ago and Evans admits that he knows there are some people who may not be too happy with him playing Captain America but he will try his best.

Weaving was asked to say something sounding like the Red Skull, but he declined (and for good reason). He also added that the mask was easy to put on as it isn’t like a tradition mask which he just puts over his head. We can only assume it means we can clearly identify The Red Skull as Weaving.

At the end, Feige aired another clip from “Captain America,” which according to him was shot just last week.

The scene began with two scientists. The wall is bulldozed down and Nazi soldiers infiltrates the castle laboratory like building. A normal Red Skull walks in decked out in his Nazi uniform (which looks AMAZING), and he orders his troops to open a sarcophagus which contained a mummy and a crystal type cube. On initial look, it appeared as if it was the Cosmic Cube, but clearly it wasn’t as he smashes it on the ground.

He then finds a hidden compartment in the tomb and inside it contained a box. He opens it and he is greeted with a ray of blue cosmic light. We do not get to see what’s inside. The scientist warns the Red Skull that what he seeks and currently holds is not meant for man to see. The Red Skull then replies, “Exactly” as the scene ends.

Fanboys are passing out left and right.