It is saturday at Comic Con and that means that it is Marvel Day! The big event will be the Iron Man 3 Panel that is set to happen later today. First, we’ve got a nice treat on the convention floor. When SDCC 2012 began, the big Marvel showpiece on the floor was the Iron Man Hall of Armor. Every year, Marvel likes to add something to their display on Marvel day. Today’s big add was the new armor from Iron Man three. It The new suit design is a big style change from previous designs. The main difference is that they changed the color scheme so that it is now predominantly Gold.

We’ll have more news later when the panel happens. Iron Man 3 stars Robert Downey Jr, Ben Kingsley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Rebecca Hall, Ashley Hamilton, and Guy Pearce. It is directed by Shane Black and is set for a May 3, 2012 release.