The second section in Marvel’s big Hall H panel earlier today was Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Appearing at the panel were: Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Joe and Anthony Russo, Frank Grillo, Emily Van Camp, Cobie Smulders, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan,, and Chris Evans.

Chris Hardwick asked Chris Evans what the hardest part of being in the present is for Cap, his response was that in the past, good and evil was black and white, now, it is a lot harder to tell who is the bad guy.

– Talking about her role, Johansson mentioned that Black Widow is very important to the film and that she shares the movie with Evans, she doesn’t just appear in it like Iron man 2. She said that they play partners in the film.

– Evans backed her up by calling them an Odd Couple.

When asked about his role as Falcon, Mackie was very excited and told the crowd, “I have wings and guns! That’s all I need! When you go to the grocery store, that’s all anyone needs! We just handing out the business!”

Meanwhile, Sebastian Stan talked about how happy he was to be asked back to the movie. In regards to Stan’s role, Kevin Fiege told the audience that it would stick close to the story from Ed Brubaker.

Talking about how he fits in to the sequel, Stan says he was happy to find out that the Winter Soldier was going to come to life on screen. Feige says this will stick fairly close to comic author Ed Brubaker’s story when it comes to the Winter Soldier. It’s not meant to surprise the audience, but it will surprise Cap.

The footage opened with Captain America riding alone in an elevator, in costume. When the elevator stops, he’s joined by two more men, including Frank Grillo. Each time the elevator stops, more and more men get in, some are in fatigues, some are in suits. Cap then says, “Anyone who wants can still get off,” but no one moves. With that, Cap hits the emergency break and they start fighting right in the elevator. Despite the small space, the camera provides for some truly amazing fight footage of Captain America taking on nine opponents.

From there, we cut to the standard montage. Fury giving Cap a line about dealing with how the world is now. Cap responding by telling him “that’s not freedom, it’s fear.” We see the Helicarrier get trashed, Falcon, flying around and shooting at a helicopter, black widow kicking people’s asses, etc. The final show is Cap’s shield, stuck in the ground, then a bionic arm grabbing the top of it, followed by a pan up to the first unmasked shot of Stan as The Winter Soldier.