Legendary Pictures kicked off their announcements this afternoon with a monster reveal that there will be a sequel to this summer’s blockbuster “Godzilla.”

Taking the stage was Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull, who introduced a video message from director Gareth Edwards who joked that he was supervising the reconstruction of San Francisco after Godzilla’s destruction.

Tull them took over and showed “Classified Monarch Footage” teaser footage for the second film. The teaser was done similarly to the intro for “Godzilla” and had voice over from JFK. With closing text saying that “There were others,” teasing the silhouette of three new monsters: Ronan, Mothra and Ghidorah.


It ends with “Threat assessment: Conflict Inevitable” and closes with the text, “Conflict: Inevitable. Let them fight.”

It was all a thing of beauty… No release date has been announced for “Godzilla 2”. But chances are it probably won’t be out until 2016.