Earlier this week Badass Digest reported a rumor that AMC, the network behind “The Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad” is reportedly interested in bringing the controversial DC/Vertigo graphic novel “Preacher” to pilot. The site did not know who exactly was behind the push, but heard that “the names are big and impressive.”

On Saturday, a cryptic tweet by actor/producer Seth Rogen appeared:
“Looks like about seven of years of hard work are about to pay off. I may get to bring one of my favourite stories ever to life.”

Followed by:
“Arseface. John Wayne, The Saint of Killers.”

Fans of the comic will instantly recognize those as characters from “Preacher.”

Stuck in development hell for over a decade now, Preacher was originally pitched as a trilogy and was associated with several filmmakers that included Sam Mendes, Darren Aronofsky and D.J. Caruso. It was also mentioned as a possible HBO series. X-Men star James Marsden had long been associated with the lead role of Jesse Custer.

Created by Garth Ennis, “Preacher” follows the story of Reverend Jesse Custer, who becomes possessed by Genesis, a spiritual being that is both angel and demon. Joining him is his hitwoman ex-girlfriend, Tulip O’Hare and a fun loving yet unpredictable Irish vampire named Cassidy. Together they set out across America to track down God who had abandoned creation.