In a year that has seen countless disappointing attempts to bring movies back to theaters thanks to COVID, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has done something that a lot of people didn’t think possible. It not only hit the $90 million estimate that the studio gave it for its opening weekend but it kind of crushed it.

Simu Liu has officially made the transition from loveable car rental employee on Kim’s Convenience to full-fledged action star with Over $71 million in the domestic box office and $56 million in international receipts. That’s pretty impressive when you consider that buzz from potential Chinese audiences has been fairly negative due to what they consider to be cultural issues with the plot and the fact that Liu is not generally popular in the country. In fact, as of right now the film doesn’t even have a set release date in China.

The film now has the second-highest opening weekend of the year after Black Widow, which took in $106.2 million. You can bet that Marvel is going to make sure that we see a lot more of Shang-Chi in the future.