There’s a lot of questions about the upcoming Sony Spider-Man spin-off that will pit Silver Sable and Black Cat up against a bevy of Marvels villains, but now we at least know a little more about the film’s plot, thanks to That Hashtag Show.

According to the new report, Black Cat will enter the film with her on the run after stealing something called an “enhancement” from Mendel Stromm/Gaunt. Meanwhile, Silver Sable is working as a bounty hunter for the US Dept of Justice and is trying to track down Black Cat in hopes that it will lead her back to the bigger prey of Stromm, who is wanted for experimenting on the Symkarian people. Then, in classic movie/ comic book team-up action, the two put aside their own beef to go after him, as well as his associates: Scorpion and Tarantula.

So, basically, we are looking at a super hero version of Midnight Run with Silver Sable as Robert De Niro and Black Cat as Charles Grodin.

Source: CBM