Jon Watts recently announced that he had left the Marvel Studios Fantastic Four film after directing all three of the Tom Holland Starring Spider-Man films for Sony. Now it looks like we know what is next project will be. Just a few moments ago, it was announced that he was developing a new Star Wars series called Skeleton Crew, starring Jude Law.

Here’s what Watts said about the show at Star Wars Celebration:

“This is a show that we’ve been working on for a really long time. It’s a story of 10-year-old kids from a tiny planet who get lost in the Star Wars galaxy. It’s the story of their journey home. It stars four kids, but it’s not just for kids.”

Dav Filoni who is working on the production with Jon Favreau and Watts chimed in to say that Clone Wars was for kids too, but they still managed to cut off a few people’s heads along the way.